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Privacy Policy

Maintaining your privacy holds the utmost importance at Test Metrics. In order to ensure our trustworthiness we stringently follow a certain code which is as follows:

1. Personal information

Register yourself with us:
When you create an account on Test Metrics, you share your basic contact information such as name, e-mail ID, location and contact number.
Information for profile:
We collect your information for authentication and for regularly updating you with our new features and services.

2. Information Sharing

No sharing of personal information:

Your contact information is safe with us and it will not be shared with any one without your approval. Neither will we sell it for marketing purposes.
Public display:

In case of need we will publically display your profile name but not your personal information.

3. Social Media integration

No storage of personal information by Test Metrics:

Personal information such as password, username etc. of your Facebook account, Twitter account etc. will not be stored with Test Metrics.
TestMetrics will not post on your behalf:

Your result, score, analysis or any such thing will not be posted on social media by Test Metrics, on your behalf. If you want, you can post the information at your own will.

4. Utilization of personal information

Mobile Communication:
For your convenience, TestMetrics can send you an alert on your mobile for test related activities. It can also connect with parents in order to ensure seriousness.

Regular Communication:
TestMetrics will mainly use e-mails for regular communication and promotions. All the functionality of TestMetrics will be delivered through e-mails.

5. Account

Accessing the account:
You can access the account by entering the password provided to you by Test Metrics.

Changing the personal information:
You can anytime review and iterate the personal information in your account. TestMetrics will not access or modify your personal information.

6. Legal Disclaimer

In case of legal obligation there is a possibility that we might share your information as and when required by law.
We will at the same time also ensure that the information

7. Contact us

In case of queries or suggestions regarding this privacy policy you are free to mail us at or contact us at this link.