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About TestMetrics

TestMetrics believes in doing things with a difference. We provide our students with a 'digital Multiple Choice Questions platform' to test student's skills, at their convenience.TestMetrics is an 'engine' which has the capability to conduct any test based on MCQ pattern

We believe in the 'first mover's advantage',and therefore we decided to go techie before the actual tests could. The online MCQ test platform that we provide to our students, not just equips them for the existing tests which follow the same format(for example CAT, NMAT, MAT, etc.) but also for the majority of the tests planning to join the online MCQ league

In short, TestMetrics is a combination of different features on a digitized medium, which works with our students on their competency level, making students more efficient than before. Its unique online platform, and thus a whole new set of features enabled by the medium in which it operates, makes it really effective, worthwhile and entertaining.


The principle motivation behind developing the website was to help a student understand where he stands in the crowd in comparison with his fellow students with respect to his studies and preparation for the entrance exam. We provide complete online preparation for all entrance exams like CAT, GRE, MH-CET, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, GMAT, MPSC, UPSC. Basically, we have developed a framework that can be used for the preparation for any online exam containing multiple choice questions (MCQs). Even if the exam is not conducted online, you can still practice our online tests during the preparation as this is much faster and efficient than taking paper based tests.


TestMetrics will be a global brand in education sector for conducting any kind of online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) tests. Any online MCQ test conducted anywhere in the world will have “powered by TestMetrics” logo. We believe in achieving success through continuous growth and improvement. We will help more and more people transition from paper and pencil tests to online tests by making them realize the advantages of online tests.